Manifesting Breakthrough

the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from truly creating the life you desire.

Do you sometimes feel like your life is in a tailspin?

  • Physical health in the dump?
  • Need more cash in the bank?
  • Feel anxious or overwhelmed?
  • Energetically attracting things into your life that you don’t want?
  • Want a clear channel to your Soul?


1. Help you understand more about your emotions and how they are affecting your physical health and how you can change it. 

2. Learn how to manage your emotions with ease. 

3. Break through your money beliefs and shift into a mindset of financial freedom. 

4. Change the environment that you have been putting up with and stop calling in Karmic relationships. 

5. Find the connection with your soul and turn on the tap so you have all the answers right at the tip of your fingers.

You will become a pro at recognizing your patterns and
become a manifesting generator who can create the life they have
always dreamed of with ease.


you have a tap and all you have to do is pull the handle and everything you need to know comes pouring out….

that is what having your Soul on tap is! 

A direct connection to all the answers you have been looking for.

  • Week One: Physical and Emotional breakthrough
  • Week Two: Environment and Vibrational breakthrough
  • Week Three: Financial Freedom mindset
  • Week Four: Soul Centered Life
  • Week Five: Manifesting Your Dream Life and tying it all together
Modules for this course 6

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