Oracle Card Reading Made Easy

Have you ever wondered how you can tap into your higher self - “The Divine”- and get the answers to the questions you have been pondering?

  • Do you need help unblocking your knowing?
  • Have you ever wanted to look within and get clarity?
  • Are you wondering if you can trust your intuition?

Your conscious mind has been taught an awful lot of stuff over the years and, unfortunately, most of it has been designed to make you distrust your own instincts and inner knowing.

Learning to just let go of the old programming and start trusting yourself again can be tricky, and that makes it really hard to start recognizing and working with your own intuition.

Using oracle cards can help work around those years of subconscious programs and help you to start using your intuitive “muscles” again.

Here is what you will learn in the class:

  • What the oracle is about
  • It’s purpose and how it can help you
  • How to ask the right questions
  • The 7 steps to using them

This is a basic class and is not for the skilled card reader. This class is meant for the beginner to open up your intuition and help you get the answers for yourself.

I am so excited to teach you more about how to read your own oracle cards!

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